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What are fire alarm system?

Fire alarms are the devices which detects any sort of smoke or fire in any place it is installed, and alerts the residence through various means. A smoke or fire alarm detects gas leakage or fire breakout through certain sensors installed in it. A manual one can be activated by people by moving the lever or pressing the button. A smoke or fire alarm is set up in different frequencies, so that when the temperature goes higher than the normal one, it gives off a certain alarm or a bell-like sound to alert people around them and urge them to evacuate the area immediately. Various fire alarm system suppliers in Pakistan have managed to provide quality devices to people for both domestic and commercial use. Interconnected smoke and fire alarms can help alert people on the entire building if even one of the alarms had detected smoke or fire to make sure everyone is alerted at its earliest. A battery-operated one does its job perfectly too, but would only alert people of a certain area it is installed at.

Types for fire alarms:

There are two types of fire alarms, and they’re mentioned below:
  • Conventional fire alarms.
  • Addressable fire alarms.
In the addressable fire alarms in Karachi, all the devices are connected via a loop. Both the ends of the wires are connected to a control panel. On the other hand, the conventional fire alarms in Karachi are connected to the panel through their own wires. They are individually connected, rather than shared ones. Even though the accessories in both the types of fire alarms are same, some of the important accessories in both of them are:
  1. Fire alarm panel: This accessory is responsible for the connectivity of a fire alarm.
  2. Detectors: As understood by its name, the detectors are responsible for sensing smoke, gas, or heat etc. and alert the system. There are different types of detectors like smoke detector, heat detector, gas detector and combo detectors.
  3. Sounder: This is responsible for executing sounds, like alarms or sirens, to alert people of the possible gas or fire explosion. There are two kinds of sounders, simple sounder and sounder with flasher. The first type simply gives out the sounds of alarm or siren, while the latter turns on flashlights along with the sounds.
  4. Manual call-point: This one has to be activated manually by pushing a button or pulling down the lever.

The need for fire alarms in Pakistan:

Pakistan has faced multiple fire accidents in the past years, and have lost thousands of lives due to the lack of alert and immediate support. So when it comes to installing fire or smoke detectors in Pakistan, it is a huge need and can potentially save a lot of lives in various commercial areas in Pakistan, including the railway system. There has been a huge number of train fire accidents, including the one in 2019 where 72 people were killed. Pakistan needs smoke detectors desperately, since it cannot only help alert the people but also inform the relevant authorities to aid the situation immediately. The fire alarm system price in Pakistan is really affordable so more people should install it in their homes or companies to help detect the issue at its earliest.

Benefits of keeping smoke and fire alarms:

There are countless benefits of smoke and fire alarms in Pakistan, some of them are mentioned as follows:
  • A smoke alarm can potentially detect a fire breakout based on the initial smoke release, and alarm the residents around them to not only evacuate the area but also to take immediate action and cause as minimum damage as it can. One must look out for smoke detector price in Pakistan, since its quite affordable for most people and install them immediately.
  • Detectors do not only detect fire. They can detect gas which is odourless, and cannot be smelt by people even if they are present close to the leakage. A smoke detector can alert people of toxic, poisonous gas leakage and save them from getting affected by it.
  • A fire alarm can help people make quick decisions, which can save more lives and cause minimal damage to the property. It informs people of a potentially deadly accident early enough to evacuate the place and alert the authorities. More lives can be saved that way.
  • A fire alarm system in Pakistancan help lessen the fire accidents, and keep the people safe. There is a lesser risk of dying in a fire accidents in places which has a smoke and fire detector installed.
  • There can be multiple situations where you aren’t in your best state, aka when you’re sleeping, or have an infant under your supervision while you work or relax, or in any situation where your level of alertness is low. In that case, lack of smoke or fire detectors can double the damage of an unforeseen fire accident. A smoke detector can wake you up or alert you when the fire has only begun to light up.
  • There are lesser numbers of deaths and injuries caused by fire in places which has a working fire or smoke alarm installed. It becomes much easier to take appropriate action in such an emergency situation where a person is alerted at the beginning and not at the face of fire (literally!).

Final Thoughts:

  • In difficult situations like a fire breakout, one must already know how to escape situations like these. Practice a fire drill/ escape twice a year at your home, institute, or company where people would be highly familiar with saving themselves and others in such a time of emergency and panic. And it is only possible to take the quick and right action if one is alerted at the beginning. For that, installing a smoke or fire detector becomes necessary at all costs! There are various modern fire alarm system in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other major cities of Pakistan, so get your hands on them immediately! Be quick to install them at your homes and organizations if you haven’t already, so that you may lower the risk of being caught up in potential fire accidents in future!