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IP Camera in Pakistan

What are Network or IP Cameras?

Internet Protocol Camera, also known as IP Camera or Network Camera send and receives video footages using an IP Network. IP cameras are most commonly used tool for CCTV surveillance. These cameras works through a network switch attached to the NVR, multiples switches can be connected as per requirement.

Uses of IP Camera:

IP Cameras are used for the purpose of security and surveillance. Different companies and households make different use of it. Households may use these cameras in their parking area or around their gates to be well-aware and secure premises. Automobile Industry have large inventory of cars that are prone to theft and damages, IP camera operators can easily spot potential warnings on time and notify the concerns before a security situation worsens using these cameras. This saves them a ton of trouble and millions of rupees. Real Estate Industry use these cameras to safeguard their properties so that level of intrusion can be minimized and hence the property value naturally rises with the level of security it provides. Construction companies often provide services in remote areas. Such construction sites often are vulnerable for theft. Telecommunication companies have vast set of users and their data is quite confidential. These cameras can provide them high level of surveillance and security to protect that confidential data.
  • Companies use IP cameras for keeping surveillance over their employees. Motorways & Tolls use these cameras for keeping records of the cars that pass by. These footages are maintained by authorities and later Police may access them in case of any accident. Many of the stores and shops use these IP cameras to avoid theft.

Main Features:

One of the core feature offered by IP cameras is remote monitoring. You can access the live footage of camera no matter when and where. This is the best option especially for those who travel with work. No matter you are in the office or not, you have full knowledge of what is going on. In case an emergency breaks out, you can access the live footage to gain an understanding of the damage as well as take means to prevent the casualties and damage. Also, IP cameras can store a very large amount of footages, so you need not to hire special staff for analyzing the footages rather only play the already recorded and saved footages in case an accident or a crime happens. Also, the footages are authentic, reality-based and keep an exact track of time for each event. The footages can be played, replayed, reviewed, fast-forwarded, slowed down, zoomed in and out, etc.

Channels for IP Security Camera Systems:

The cable of the IP camera connects to the back of NVRs. Number of channels provided by the Network Video Recorder Or NVR indicates the number of cameras that can connect to it. Suppose a NVR has 8 channels, it means it can connect to 8 cameras at same time.    

IP Cameras in Pakistan:

IP cameras are very popular for surveillance and security all around the world. Starting from the households to large organizations, there is need to install security cameras for surveillance and security as we cannot take risk for any property; be it intellectual or physical; to be lost. As it has become need of society, various models of IP camera systems are provided by companies all across Pakistan.
  • Most of the IP cameras and IP Camera systems in Pakistan are offered by Pak Communications. Hikvision IP camera price in Pakistan depends on the models and their features offered. It has a vast market in Pakistan. Hikvision IP camera price in Pakistan differs along with the product functionalities and offer a good range of prices and functionalities throughout. IP camera price in Karachi is affordable for most households. Network CCTV camera price is also within an affordable range all over Pakistan. The IP Network cameras are popular in Pakistan due to the functionalities and security they provide to households and organizations along with that IP CCTV camera price in Pakistan and Network camera price in Karachi is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Services and Benefits of IP Cameras:

IP Cameras provide many services. One of the very core service include the live surveillance footage of premises. It can be used to access the live video in case of any danger encountered. Also, the live footage helps in minimizing damages and casualties in case of crimes or accidents. IP cameras can act as a stand-in for boss when he/she is not in the company. One may keep progress of activity logs by using these IP cameras. Footages of IP cameras can be viewed live, reviewed, replayed, fast-forwarded, zoomed and much more.
  • One of the best part is that footages are recorded over wi-fi or network on cloud storage so even if the camera is destroyed, the footage remains on cloud network. Surveillance by IP Cameras is environment-friendly as it is always better to observe silently rather than pressuring employees with strict surveillance by a pair of eyes. This way, you do not need to hire special supervisors for recording timing of entry and leaving for each employee.
IP Cameras also facilitates face-recognition systems which can be used to prevent certain people into the company. Most of the crimes are said to occur during darkest of nights. Dark fighter night vision cameras adjusts view according to light. So, if there is dim light, camera adjusts itself to provide a meaningful view. The smart IP cameras adjust lens according to the distance of objects it records.
  • Some of the IP cameras even provide built-in mics for recording sound, so you can get a better idea of the happenings.


IP (Network) Security Cameras provide the services of security and surveillance in an efficient manner. IP Cameras provide face recognition systems, Smart Night Vision, Tilt and Span services, 360 Degree Visual coverage, built-in mics for sound recording, Wi-Fi, tracking, play-back and much more.