Titanium Package (CCTV)


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    HIK Vision CCTV Cameras, 5.0 Mega Pixel,
    I.R Night Vision, 2560p resolution Turbo HD Quality
    HIK Vision 4 Channel DVR, Mobile & Web Supported,No Static IP Needed1
    1 TB Hard Disk, SATA1
    Power Supplies 12V 2.5A4
    1 Year Replacement Warranty
    ( Installation will be Charged )

    Package Description

    This Titanium Package is the complete solution for all your CCTV needs. With most homes and businesses relying on camera surveillance for security, you should have the best CCTV solution as well. This package comes with everything that you need to set up a complete CCTV monitoring system for home or business. With high-resolution cameras, a DVR, Seagate hard disk, and power supply included, it is the best CCTV package available.

    This CCTV system consists of the Hikvision CCTV cameras, which are known for their great quality. You can choose between one of two different surveillance cameras as part of this package. The first of these analog CCTV cameras is a dome camera and the other one is the bullet camera.

    Both models have different features, which will be discussed in detail below. One is mostly suited for outdoor systems and the other one works better indoors. It’s up to you to look at the different features and choose your preferred model.

    This package also contains a high-quality Hikvision DVR, a recorder that is easy to configure with any computer system. It can be linked to a screen, laptop, or other devices for recording live footage. If you want to store the footage, you can use the hard disk with significant storage capacity and hold several weeks of footage. This system’s power supply is also made of the highest quality design, preventing overheating of the system.

    We deliver all over Pakistan, so you can order from any city. We also offer CCTV installations for your convenience. It’s always better to have your CCTV installed by a professional service so that you get the perfect security solution for your home and business.

    Package features:

    This Emerald CCTV package consists of four separate products that are required for a complete CCTV program. Each product is of the highest quality and comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.

    Analog CCTV cameras

    This 4 cameras package allows you to choose between one of two analog security cameras, so it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

    • Dome camera: This is one model of the Hikvision CCTV camera and it is designed for indoor use. The range is suitable for use indoors and it works well away from direct sunlight. However, the quality of this surveillance camera is superb and you can have it placed anywhere indoors. It is also easy to install and perfect for CCTV installations in offices and homes.
    • Bullet camera: This model is more suitable for outdoor use and has a longer range than the dome camera. It can also scan a wider range, which makes it perfect for use in outdoor CCTV systems. The high-quality resolution is perfect for giving a clear video and the camera is designed to get clear visuals in the sunlight as well. If you need a surveillance camera for outdoors, then this is the best deal according to the Hikvision camera price in Pakistan

    Both these cameras also have common features that make them the best CCTV cameras. Some of the other features of the cameras are:

    • 5.0 Megapixel camera lens
    • 2560p resolution
    • 4 Power Supplies (12V 2.5A)
    • Hikvision brand
    • 1 year replacement warranty

    Hikvision DVR (4 Channel)

    A Digital Video Recorder is like a VCR with an exception of using a hard drive. This device is used to record, save, store, and play the surveillance footage. It pairs up perfectly with the surveillance cameras as well. This DVR is manufactured by Hikvision and comes with a reliability guarantee.

    Hard Drive

    The last and most important piece of this package is the Seagate SATA Hard Disk. Designed with a massive 1 Terabyte of storage space, it is the perfect solution to back up your footage. It also stores many day’s recording of CCTV footage which is convenient for extra security. Just as with the other products in this package, it also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty.



    Q. Is the package customizable?

    A. Yes. The original Emerald Package includes Hikvision DVR, 4 channel CCTV cameras (bullet/dome) with 1TB of Hard drive – costing up to Rs.42,999. However, we allow customers to customize the package based on their needs and budget. Customers can reduce or increase the number of cameras as per their requirements. The cost will be adjusted accordingly.

    Q. What protocol does Hikvision use?

    A. Hikvision uses ONVIF protocol or Hikvision protocol. It can be configured with devices and cameras that operate on either of these protocols. You can access third party systems and configure it with your device and this allows you to add a Hikvision analog CCTV camera to your current CCTV system.

    Q. How many channels does the Hikvision DVR operate?

    A. The Hikvision DVR operates 4 channels which makes it perfect for larger buildings. Many businesses prefer the Hikvision DVR for this reason as it usually suits the needs of the business environment.

    Q. Can I see my Hikvision CCTV recording online?

    A. Hikvision CCTV cameras can be configured so that they are visible online. You can view your CCTV footage online after you configure it. This makes it quite convenient for businesses as the security expert can view the footage from their smartphones.

    Q. How can I adjust the settings of my Hikvision recording?

    A. Hikvision is quite easy to adjust using the Hik-Connect platform. You can adjust the playback speed, view specific sections of the recording, and even speed-up playback and rewind. These settings are perfect for professional use.

    Q. What is the Hikvision camera price in Pakistan?

    A. If you buy the camera separately, it will cost more, but this Emerald package gives you great value with the complete CCTV set for only Rs.42,999.

    If you are looking for the best CCTV package in Pakistan, then this Emerald package is perfect for you. With all the products for a complete CCTV set, this package is the perfect solution for all your security requirements. It also has the latest security features and settings that make for the ideal CCTV experience. Buy your own CCTV set today and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home and business is secure!