PABX Systems in Pakistan



Large businesses require vast telephone communication exchange within and outside the organizations. They also require some connection for outside calls to connect to the outside world in order to stay updated. If those businesses were to install multiple telephone landline systems connected to the public networks and use them for telephone exchanges within the organization and outside as well, it would become a costly solution causing a loss to the organization. But don’t worry! This is where PABX comes in.

Uses of PABX Systems:

PABX systems facilitate the users for internal and external telephone communication exchanges and a lot more. PABX systems provide the telephone exchange within businesses and companies of various types. It allows more phone devices than the actual number of physical lines and also provides free calls between users at different locations through the use of connected devices. PABX also provides a single access number having several extensions representing several devices inside the system. Each device in the system is assigned a unique extension number, hence forming a device node. Devices connected to PABX system may be computer modems, fax machines or desk phones allowing telephone communication exchanges between different ends. PABX makes use of VoIP, Analog and ISDN services to provide this excellent communication model.

Main Features:

Some main and core features of PABX includes call conferencing, call hold, call transfer and auto-attendant facility. PABX systems provide automated switching system between telephone communication exchanges. Detailed records of all the incoming and outgoing call logs is maintained for the purpose of record keeping and can be utilized to measure performance and audit in the organization. Swift telephone communication exchanges are possible with PABX which can act crucial at the times of emergency. Helpline systems can be established using PABX systems which would connect inside and outside of helpline-providing agencies.

PABX Systems in Pakistan:

PABX systems in Pakistan are popular for telephone exchange communication as they provide a better, more efficient and cheaper solution for telephone communication exchanges. Many companies are the provider of PABX Systems within Pakistan. Different variations of PABX systems are available in Panasonic PABX systems, Chinese PABX systems and different brands of Telephone sets like Panasonic, Uniden and Alcatel. Pak Communications also offering PABX Installation in Karachi and other PABX related services.



Models of PABX Systems in Pakistan:

Various models of PABX System Price in Karachi are offered according to their functionalities and features. Let us go through their models one by one. One of the best models offered by Panasonic PABX in Pakistan is Panasonic PABX NS-500 model. It is an IP-based Intelligent Hybrid PABX System supporting up to 48 lines and 128 extensions coming with 6 lines and 16 extensions in a Box-Pack. It provides Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Music on Hold coming with Built-In CLI and Built-In OGM providing built-in applications. This is a Genuine Panasonic (Made in Vietnam) model with 1 Year Warranty of System.

Panasonic PABX Price in Pakistan offers another excellent model as Panasonic PABX TDA-100D. It is a Genuine Panasonic (Made in Vietnam) model supporting up to 32 Lines & 128 Extensions coming with 8 Lines & 24 Extensions. It also provides Day/Night Mode Setting, Built-in CLI, Built-in Power Supply, Phone Book, Call Forwarding, Call waiting, Conference Call and supports OGM card. This package also includes an operator console.

There is another PABX Model offered by Panasonic Telephone Exchange Price in Pakistan as Panasonic PABX TES-824 model which supports up to 8 lines and 24 extensions coming with 3 lines and 8 extensions. It has a built-in inverter and power supply and also facilitates call forwarding, call waiting and music on hold. It also supports CLI Card and OGM Card. It is a Genuine Panasonic PABX system coming with 1 Year Warranty of System and box-packed. It is also available in Refurbished coming with 3 Months Warranty of System.

Chinese PABX also provide various models of PABX systems. Chinese PABX Systems provide highly reliable, full privacy providing PABX systems which can connect any telephone set and set any extension to operator. It also have Built in OGM & Built in CLI Feature.

Services provided by PABX Systems:

PABX Systems in Pakistan offer the services such as Auto Attendant which allows he services of a digital receptionist by connecting calls according to extension numbers. It also provides Automatic Ring Back functionality that allows users to dial over a busy phone line and receive an instant call back when the line becomes free. Staff members of company may pick up different incoming calls for recipients. Calls are forwarded and admin may route incoming calls based on a set of criteria. Users of PABX in Pakistan may put a call on hold in one telephone line and start the telephone exchange communication on another telephone line. Later the call on hold may be picked up again.

Also, certain ring groups may be provided routed calls. Those calls may be several calls at a time so PABX also provides call queuing which allows the routed calls to be queued up. Call recording is one of the core feature of PABX systems as recording of all call logs is maintained for documentation, check and balance, training, monitoring and other purposes. Every organization would like to have a call recording of all call log history as it plays a major role in every organization.

Functionalities provided by PABX Price in Pakistan is not limited to these. Call Transfer allows one user to transfer an active live call to another user through extension. In this way, single call is transferred rather than making multiple calls. There may be multiple incoming calls at one time. PABX allows call waiting so call workload within the telephone communication exchange can be managed throughout the use of PABX systems. Other calls may be put on waiting until the user is busy with one side.

Sometimes multiple-way communication is required within businesses to ensure an important matter over a distance. Announcements are made in the same way so that the content of announcement does not get changed due to the passage of message. So conference calls provide an excellent way of multi-user communication through multi-extension exchange within PABX. Sometimes certain extension users are not reliable and end up busing PABX telephone communication line for other extensions. In such cases, PABX allows users to block those incoming calls from that certain telephone exchange extension.

The calls made within the PABX systems may be urgent or VIP and may require auto-attendant bypass to save time within telephone line communication. In such cases, PABX offers Direct Dial-In allowing users to create a direct and bypassed connection with intended extensions. Speed dialing is also enabled within PABX systems to ensure that the shortcuts are provided to extension numbers. Shortcuts makes it easier to remember the contact information of certain extensions and departments.

Call initiators may leave a voicemail that ensures a follow-up later. Several user extensions may also be added together as a ring group so that upon a specific incoming call, those extensions are rung. Auto-attendants provide the facility of automatic receptionist limited to a menu. Interactive Voice Responder is also provided within the PABX systems so that inquiries can also be entertained. These deal with the inquiries, information requests and some other purposes working as an ungraded auto-attendant.


PABX systems provide the services such as dial-up, waiting, hold, voicemail and much more. If you are in need of a telephone communication exchange system for your business or company, don’t waste money on trying to connect several telephone agencies. Rather just use PABX System Price in Karachi which are more affordable, secure and faster than any other telephone communication exchange.